Dog Boarding Kennels


When you make the decision to go away on holiday then one of the first things that you will need to think about once you have made the booking is what you are going to do with your pets.  Are you going to use a dog kennel, dog sitter or get a friend or member of the family to look after him?  For many people a dog boarding kennels is the only real option if he can’t stay with a member of your family.

Before you sign up your dog for a holiday of his own go and have a good look at the dog boarding facilities available at several different places in your town.  You will find that they can vary quite a lot in what is offered and how much is charged.  When you arrive for your visit ensure that each dog kennel is scrupulously clean with fresh water easily available.  Find out whether they provide bedding and how often your dog will be exercised.  If every dog pen that you look into has a miserable looking dog in it then keep well away.


A quality dog boarding kennels will be happy to answer any questions that you have and will demand that your pet is up to date with all his vaccinations.  This way you can ensure that he is not likely to catch anything from another dog.  If you own cats as well as dogs then be sure to look for somewhere that also does cat boarding as this will stop you from having to drive all over town on the day before you leave for your holiday when you have a huge list of other things to do.


Some boarding kennels for dogs are more like luxury hotels with hydrotherapy pools, treat times and the whole range of dog grooming services from a simple wash and brush to nail and coat clipping.  These places will give you a choice of group playtimes, where your dog gets to play with others who are staying, or individual attention, which is often better for more aggressive breeds or un-neutered males.  They will often also give your dog a bath on the night before he is due to come home so that you get him back smelling lovely and fresh!


Once you have decided which of the dog boarding kennels is for you ask a few people who you see out walking their dogs if they know anything about these kennels as word of mouth is often the best way to find out about the quality of provision.


Dog Kennel Training

When you have decided to acquire a new dog you then need to consider all the different aspects of dog care that will make your new pet come to love his new home.  One thing that is recommended by all dog behaviour experts is to have a dog kennel.  This is because dogs need to have a place that they consider a safe haven to go to if they are ever feeling anxious, stressed or just tired.  By having this little bolt hole you will help to prevent any unwanted behaviour, such as barking, jumping up or shows of aggression.


Where possible it is best to start dog training when your dog is still a puppy.  This way he has never known anything other than his kennel.    You need to make the training as low key as possible.  It is probably best to start the training in the evening, as your dog will be tired and, hopefully, quite relaxed (it is no good trying to get him to try the house when all he wants to do is run around!)  Start by putting the dog home into the room with your pet and putting some items that you know he enjoys, such as a favourite toy or a bone, or even an item of your clothing so that it smells of you, into it.  Leave the dog alone and hopefully he will venture into it and realise that it is a nice, peaceful place to be.  You can then encourage him to go there whenever he wants to rest or sleep.


Dog kennels should then be used for various occasions so that your pet does not think that it is only for ‘going in the car’ or ‘when nervous guests arrive’.  Otherwise you may have trouble getting him in at other times.


If your dog shows no signs of wanting to investigate his new dog kennel then you need to be firm and insist that he enters.  Leave him there only for a couple of minutes on the first occasion and then gradually begin to increase this, giving him praise for trying it out.


It is important that you make the dog training fun and enjoyable and never use it as a form of punishment.  If you shut your dog up in his crate for a misdemeanour then he will come to associate it with bad things.


Once your dog is completely comfortable with his new home you can move him to an outdoor dog kennel or a portable kennel with a minimum of fuss.

Logistics of a Large Dog Kennel

Logistics ofFor most people buying a new dog the decision to buy a dog kennel is relatively easy.  They only need decide on whether it will be made from plastic, metal or wood depending on their circumstances and then they have hundreds of choices both online or at their local pet store.  However, if you have a large dog then you will need a large dog kennel.   It is not nearly as easy to buy a dog house for a Great Dane, an Irish Wolfhound or a Newfoundland as it is for a Bassett or a Collie.


Of course these large dogs will require an outdoor dog kennel as no-one is going to design a lightweight plastic kennel for a very large dog.  It would probably get chewed to pieces in a matter of minutes!  Though there is not as much choice there are still plenty of large dog kennels out there for sale, though you should expect to pay a premium price as the quantity of timber required is reflected in the price.  Some people are willing to spend a small fortune on their large dogs and will buy them luxurious accommodation which can look more like a gazebo or summer house.


If you decide that rather than buy one you are more than capable of building a large dog kennel yourself then ensure that you make detailed plans first.  Think about where the kennel will be situated as though it’s possible to place small dog kennels almost anywhere, a large one could obstruct your view in certain places.  The minimum size for a kennel is a length that would allow your dog to lie stretched out, taller than head height and broad enough that he can turn a full circle.   Remember that once you have added insulation felt with wooden panels on top that the dog kennel will be made smaller inside.


Make sure that you use good quality timber as the structure will be exposed to the elements and will soon start to deteriorate if you use cheap wood.  Good quality wood also tends to be stronger and so will withstand the weight of a large dog barging around in it much better than its cheaper counterpart.


If you have more than one dog then you will of course need an extra large dog kennel, possibly with a dividing wall so that they can sleep separately.  Many people also build runs attached to the kennel to give their dog somewhere to exercise when they are not out on a walk.

Dog Kennel and Run

Before you buy a dog there are various things that you need to consider.  One of the most important is how you are going to exercise your dog.  It may be that someone in your household is lucky enough not to have to go out to work and so is available for lots of dog walking.  If not then you might want to consider a dog kennel and run.  By attaching a dog run onto a kennel you can ensure that your dog can get plenty of exercise even when you are not around.


Dog runs are generally chain link or mesh as they need to be strong enough to keep a dog in and any predators out.  You can buy ready made ones from pet stores but, if you buy the panels then it’s not actually that hard to construct one yourself.  Start by thinking about the size of dog that you would like as this will determine how much space he will need.  The most ideal situation would be the largest possible space that you can practically hand over to accommodate a dog kennel and run.


Once you have marked out the area available take another look at it and consider whether it has a shady area for your dog to lie in on hot days and whether one of the corners would be suitable for a dog kennel.  Ideally this corner will be sheltered from severe weather conditions such as driving rain or wind and would also be shaded from direct sunlight.


The dog exercise pen itself needs to be high enough that your pet cannot simply jump out of it and sturdy enough that it can’t be knocked down.  Burying the posts deep into the ground will make it strong and some people burying the fencing itself a little so that their dog cannot dig underneath it.  The gate which gives entry to the run needs to be very secure and preferably lockable as not only do you want to prevent your dog from getting out but also anyone from getting in and taking him while you are at work.


If you decide that your garden is not large enough to house a dog kennel and run then there are other options which will still allow you to own a dog and give him the exercise that he requires while you are at work.  Some people employ dog walkers to take their pet out for a good long run every day while others put their pet into doggie day care.  This is a centre where dogs are taken during the day.  The owners will feed, exercise and care for your dog, sometimes even performing grooming duties or taking him on visits to the vets.